Develops, maintains, and scales custom applications that meets your business goals

We help to provide flexible, scalable and futuristic application that unlocks hundreds of business opportunities that increases their ROI.


Build a stronger brand

Bring your customer one step closer. engage, connect, and collaborate with customers seamlessly and build a stronger brand with NNT Software application development.

Boost revenue

Deliver the experience that your customer deserves and drive more profits with user-friendly, responsive, and robust applications developed by NNT software.

Be distinct from the peers

Build robust applications that create impact faster and move your business quicker so that your every move, action, and decision brings you closer to your vision and makes you stand out from the competition.

Application development services

Scalable application development services for your growing business

Pick one, some, or all. We are a seasoned application development company developing applications to make work together – with the latest technology – that connects your entire business.

Web application development

We specialize in custom web application development, delivering solutions to enhance online presence and automate processes. Our experienced team uses the latest technologies to create functional, user-friendly and visually appealing applications tailored to your specific needs.

Mobile application development

Mobile apps for all B2B, B2C, or B2E. We are a mobile application development service provider that offers services for designing, integrating, and developing mobile apps in their entirety.

Desktop application development

User-friendly, responsive, and stable software development that runs offline. Build the right app for the job that simplifies your daily lives along with solving the most complex customer and business challenges.

Quality assurance

Test–Check–Approve. Develop best in class application testing software to test quality, check functionality, and approve for live. Leverage the power QA software before you go live.

Custom application development Type We Offer

Build apps without compromise with NNT application development services

Meet your business needs faster, innovate your business, and develop resilience with agile applications developed by NNT software.


Application development

Scale your business with the power of modernized application development integrated with ERP solutions, Enterprise web apps, and digital transformation tools.

  • Custom application development
  • Application modernization
  • Enterprise web apps
  • Content management systems
  • System integration
  • Embedded systems
  • ERP solutions

Application transformation

We reshape your applications to make your business ready for tomorrow. Edge ability of Application migration, Rewrite, and Refactoring with NNT software application transformation services.

  • Application migration
  • Application refactoring & conversion
  • Application portfolio rationalization
  • DevOps services

Application support and maintenance

We help you manage, organize, and maintain business applications for your operational continuity. Fetch application support, outsourcing, and testing capabilities with NNT app support and maintenance services.

  • Application support & enhancement
  • Business analytics application management
  • Ecommerce application management
  • Embedded applications management
  • Application outsourcing

Core Expertise

Cutting-edge technologies for your infrastructure

With today’s increasing reliance on digitalization, we architect your solutions with customized software development services that deliver business values at a speed never achieved floats it in a disruptive market environment.


We customize application blended with IoT technologies that connect, automate, and control your business ecosystem to grow your business quickly and impeccably.


Unleash the capabilities of our customized blockchain development services to ensure that your data is completely secured and untampered at all levels.


We harness the power of AI with customized application development to empower organizations to run faster and cheaper than ever before.

AR and VR app development

we help in developing AR and VR applications that is the future of technology and experience the real-world objects with video transmission, image recognition, and 3D features.

Machine learning

Boost your business productivity, efficiency, and ability with machine learning services offered by NNT software and drive your business with comprehensive solutions for tricky challenges.

Big data

Utilize the full potential of your company's data to gain priceless insights, address your customers' problems, and succeed by using our big data services.

Our Approach

Our app development team embraces the right tech – with the right path

Script the success and future of your business with our in-sane application development strategy.

The bedrock of developing any application is planning; we propose a complete roadmap including the customer and prepare a comprehensive plan as per the needs of the business.

Once the plan is ready, we design your app according to the demand and requirements of the organization and assist in making execution seamless.

Next comes defining, once we complete the designing phase, we head on to define the application needs and requirements.

Our skilled professionals use the correct codes and techniques while building your app to ensure that the result is perfect and meets your expectations.

We test the product before it goes online to make sure all the features and customer requirements are included and satisfied ensuring the product is bug-free.

With our expertise, we deploy custom application development on platform to make it available for all.

We guarantee that customers’ needs are addressed, and make sure that we provide regular maintenance to your software for a smooth and long-term run of your business and our relationship.

Our Industry Expertise

Custom Solutions Tailored to your Business

Building Future-Ready Products for Multiple Industries

e-Governance solutions and development expertise

Governance isn’t easy, but it need not be messy either! with the blend of software solutions, eGovernance can be made more transparent to reduce the time taken for clearances and approvals dramatically.

  • Performance tracking & management
  • Web & mobile based solutions
  • Employee management & appraisal systems
  • Technical debt reduction & maintenance

FinTech & BFSI

As the reliance of consumers on banking and financial services grows, the chaos increases in handling the rising amounts of data. Our FinTech specialists help you crawl through the important data to monetize it by knowing your customers better.

  • Digital Lending Platforms
  • Debt Collection Platforms
  • Trading Platforms
  • ML Powered BI Dashboards


Transform how you deliver care and improve patient outcomes with AI-powered touchpoints to enable a smarter way to connect pharmacies, surgical centers, and your patients.

  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • AI/ML in Healthcare

Retail, eCommerce, & CPG

Don’t let the mission-critical retail operations overwhelm you with their complexity! Get technical assistance from NNT Software to automate your mundane tasks and get better visibility of your value chain.

  • POS & Order Management System
  • Enterprise grade Ecommerce
  • Supply Chain Management
  • IoT in Supply Chain

Hydrogen Industry/Oil & Gas

While the world is scrambling to meet the net zero sustainability goals, it’s time to reshape your oil and gas business with the power of digitalization. Optimize your operations and facilitate real-time data sharing to make your processes predictive.

  • Accounting & Management
  • Hydrocarbon Downstream
  • Hydrocarbon Upstream
  • Strategy, performance and asset management


As technology makes a clean sweep into the education industry, it’s crucial for you to walk the steps to stay relevant. Employ the best-in-class edtech solutions from NNT Software to add speed and accuracy to your operations.

  • Interaction & 3D Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Learning Management System
  • Planning & Consultation


Drive better results for your manufacturing business by incorporating the latest technology with effective communication faculties. Improve your time-to-market with efficient resource planning to keep your RoI high.

  • ERP Development & Implementation
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • “Process” Manufacturing Industry specific solutions

Our Work

Creating an Impact the World Can’t Ignore

We let our work speak for itself.


Modernising Enterprise ECommerce platform for Manufacturing Industry

Emechmart is an eCommerce venture of N & T Engitech Pvt. Ltd. ( NNT group of companies), an ISO and CE Certified Company.

Retail, eCommerce, & CPG
Enterprise Web App Development, WebUI and API Automation Testing, Automation Testing, Cloud Migration, Scalable Frontend Development

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Why Choose us

Culture & Values that help us breakthrough for our clients

Our core quality focus on upkeeping our development standards to help you get a better edge in your niche. Our talents with different specializations combine their expertise to develop cost-effective yet effective digital solutions for your needs.

Quality-first Approach

Our strategy for your success begins by religiously following the set process to develop matchless digital solutions.

Technological Know-how

We bring in decades of technical know-how through process & experienced resources for any unique requirement you might have.

Invested in your Outcomes

We stay invested in your growth as we designate the best of our IT talents to chart a course of vertical success with our vast experience in the industry.

Learning & Development

Growth through Learning & Ownership. We focus on growth that is achieved through continuous learning and adapting to the current technology trends and market.