Empower patient care programs with customized healthcare software development

Create transparency, boost clinician productivity, and expand virtual care with bespoke software solutions designed to meet specific needs and unique requirements of healthcare organizations.


Healthcare service provider

Stay one step ahead of competition by delivering high-quality healthcare services to your patients. Improve your efficiency, effectiveness, and provide better patient care with customized healthcare software development services offered by NNT.

Pharmaceutical companies

Manage large-scale scientific and clinical data, streamline drug development operations, and enhance decision-making with customized healthcare software development solutions typically developed to address the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

Medical device manufacturers

Provide value-added features and functionalities to the products ensuring industry regulations and compliances. Get an edge over the competitors, protect patient data, and ensure the safety of medical devices with Custom healthcare software development.

B2B/B2C digital health startups

Leverage the benefits of user-friendly mobile applications, Telemedicine platforms, and wellness technology solutions by collaborating with NNT the seasoned healthcare software development company tailoring software solutions to meet the unique needs of the startups.

Healthcare software development services

Deliver the best possible care with unique NNT healthcare software development services

We offer a variety of medical software engineering services, including deployment, design and development, maintenance and ongoing improvement, integration with existing systems, and more. Pick a service option that best satisfies your healthcare requirements!

Custom software development for healthcare organizations

We develop Customized healthcare software considering the unique needs and requirements of the healthcare industry. Our Customized healthcare software automates manual processes and enhances efficiency with built-in security features.

SaaS Healthcare product development

Deliver better insight, experience, and care with NNT SaaS based healthcare software development services that transform the healthcare journey with the tools that organizations need to improve patient outcomes and streamline clinical processes.

Mobile app development for healthcare provider and patients

Built insightful, user-friendly, and intuitive healthcare mobile apps with NNT Healthcare software development services to enhance patient engagement, remote patient monitoring, virtual consultations and more.

Healthcare software or product evolution

Leverage the capability of next gen NNT’s healthcare software development products like mHealth, Electronic Health Records (EHRs),Remote patient monitoring, and Virtual Consultations to deliver advanced and evolutionary healthcare services.

Types of Healthcare software we can develop

Open digital door to a healthier future with modernized Healthcare software development solutions

Bring more value to your care and achieve better outcomes with future ready healthcare software solutions offered by NNT healthcare software development services.

Telemedicine software development

Get real-time data about patients' health and provide a user-friendly experience for both patients and healthcare providers with robust security measures in place with NNT’s telemedicine software development services.

Patient engagement solution

Help patients access more care on their own terms from the comfort of their own homes and help healthcare providers make informed decisions about patient care for more engagement with NNT’s Patient Engagement Solution services.

Remote patient monitoring software

Monitor patients' health status remotely, reducing the need for in-person visits, and transform your patients from a traditional clinical setting to an innovative clinic with remote patient monitoring software solutions.

mHealth solutions

Deliver the care to your patients when and where they need it, by leveraging the convenience and accessibility of mobile technology. Increase patient engagement, and improve health outcomes with intuitive mHealth solutions developed by NNT Healthcare Software Development Services.

EMR/EHR Software

Manage and analyze patient health information and medical records digitally with EMR/EHR software solutions. NNT’s healthcare Software Development team built customized EMR/EHR solutions that offer actionable insights for better care.

IoT Healthcare software

Enable more informed patients' health data remotely with NNT’s IoT Healthcare Solutions. Our solution helps patients manage their own health more effectively, by providing real-time data and insights with IoT-enabled smart medical equipment and devices.

Medical software development

We offer accessible medical software solutions for medical billing and administrative management, clinical trial management systems, asset management, remote patient monitoring, and healthcare supply chain management.

Hospital management software

Manage the numerous operations of hospitals and healthcare facilities with one user-friendly hospital management software. Improve efficiency and reduce operational costs by offering high quality digital customer services with NNT Hospital Management Software.

Pharmacy management software

Pharmacy management digital solution by NNT Software to improve patient safety by reducing the risk of medication errors, managing inventory and tracking drug operations ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Core Expertise

Our technologies that is shaping the future of healthcare and wellbeing

Technology is a crucial element to unlock new business opportunities and streamlining the patient care, collaborate with NNT software to build intelligent and supportive healthcare solutions blend with technology.


Sprint towards the future of well-being with IoT embed software solutions offered by NNT software for real-time update on patient health, reducing the need of manual process, and remote patient monitoring.


Our Blockchain technology blended software helps healthcare organizations accelerate their transformation by augmenting blockchain technology with industry relevant compliances, security, and interoperability standards.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We take healthcare to the next level with AI technology intelligence by automating and streamlining workflows, increasing efficiency, and helping healthcare providers to focus on what’s essential.

AR and VR app development

VR and AR harnessed healthcare apps from NNT software spark life into the application, it creates realistic, interactive views to understand the patient better, and provide immersive experiences that can help patients overcome health issues.

Machine learning

Make a smart use of your healthcare data and leverage predictive analysis, more accurate diagnosis, personalized healthcare plans, and Clinical decision support with machine learning unite digital healthcare solution.

Big data

Utilize the full potential of your company's data to gain priceless insights, address your customers' problems, and succeed by using our big data services.

Our Industry Expertise

Custom Solutions Tailored to your Business

Building Future-Ready Products for Multiple Industries

e-Governance solutions and development expertise

Governance isn’t easy, but it need not be messy either! with the blend of software solutions, eGovernance can be made more transparent to reduce the time taken for clearances and approvals dramatically.

  • Performance tracking & management
  • Web & mobile based solutions
  • Employee management & appraisal systems
  • Technical debt reduction & maintenance

FinTech & BFSI

As the reliance of consumers on banking and financial services grows, the chaos increases in handling the rising amounts of data. Our FinTech specialists help you crawl through the important data to monetize it by knowing your customers better.

  • Digital Lending Platforms
  • Debt Collection Platforms
  • Trading Platforms
  • ML Powered BI Dashboards


Transform how you deliver care and improve patient outcomes with AI-powered touchpoints to enable a smarter way to connect pharmacies, surgical centers, and your patients.

  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Telemedicine
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • AI/ML in Healthcare

Retail, eCommerce, & CPG

Don’t let the mission-critical retail operations overwhelm you with their complexity! Get technical assistance from NNT Software to automate your mundane tasks and get better visibility of your value chain.

  • POS & Order Management System
  • Enterprise grade Ecommerce
  • Supply Chain Management
  • IoT in Supply Chain

Hydrogen Industry/Oil & Gas

While the world is scrambling to meet the net zero sustainability goals, it’s time to reshape your oil and gas business with the power of digitalization. Optimize your operations and facilitate real-time data sharing to make your processes predictive.

  • Accounting & Management
  • Hydrocarbon Downstream
  • Hydrocarbon Upstream
  • Strategy, performance and asset management


As technology makes a clean sweep into the education industry, it’s crucial for you to walk the steps to stay relevant. Employ the best-in-class edtech solutions from NNT Software to add speed and accuracy to your operations.

  • Interaction & 3D Learning
  • AR/VR
  • Learning Management System
  • Planning & Consultation


Drive better results for your manufacturing business by incorporating the latest technology with effective communication faculties. Improve your time-to-market with efficient resource planning to keep your RoI high.

  • ERP Development & Implementation
  • Production Planning & Scheduling
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • “Process” Manufacturing Industry specific solutions

Our Work

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We let our work speak for itself.


Modernising Enterprise ECommerce platform for Manufacturing Industry

Emechmart is an eCommerce venture of N & T Engitech Pvt. Ltd. ( NNT group of companies), an ISO and CE Certified Company.

Retail, eCommerce, & CPG
Enterprise Web App Development, WebUI and API Automation Testing, Automation Testing, Cloud Migration, Scalable Frontend Development

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Invested in your Outcomes

We stay invested in your growth as we designate the best of our IT talents to chart a course of vertical success with our vast experience in the industry.

Learning & Development

Growth through Learning & Ownership. We focus on growth that is achieved through continuous learning and adapting to the current technology trends and market.